Le Covid-19 is worth over 19 billion euros in Europe

Le Covid-19 is worth over 19 billion euros in Europe

Lors de sa Réunion annuelle, qui s’est Tenue à Barcelona, ​​Mardi 21 juin, l’Union Internationale des cinémas (UNIC), qui regroupe les exploitants de 39 contays european (en yintégrant la Russie et la Turquie), a dressé un constat mi-Figue, mi-raisin. It is considered that the sector should continue to be employed as a returnee in order to recoup a bond in the wake of the profession.

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Pour la première fois, l’UNIC a Calculations of the pandemic of Covid-19, on the basis of the market for the recovery of Salles, on the conduct of the business of the box office of EUR 6,2 billion in 2020 and EUR 5,1 billion EUR 1 billion in supplementary funds in 2021. This is due to the fact that there are other sources of publicity, the year of the extraordinary European interest in the field of extrapolation of the European Audiovisual, plus EUR 7,5 billion. Europe in 2020 and 2021. The total cost is 19 billion euros for the year. «Sans inclure le loyer, les factures d’énergie, ni les indemnités de congés temporaires, s’élevant à des centaines de millions d’euros par semaine»report on the annuity of the UNIC.

«Impact social grave»

Toujours au chapitre des mauvaises nouvelles, «The social impact of the pandemic industry and the increase in the number of employees in the labor market» des Salles, preceded by the report. On the other hand, it is possible to compete in the field of agricultural activities, to provide services in the field of services in the field of proximity to complex cinematographic works.

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Contributing to the optimization of the European Union, Phil Clapp, President of the UNIC, with a budget of 590 million for the European Union (43 000 terms) in 2021, with a total of 36.4 million % for reporting in 2020. The recruitment is based on 3.7 billion euros (+ 40.8% for reporting in 2020).

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At the level of the European Union, which is the largest member of the European Union, there are 400 million bills worth 3 billion euros. Comparable as of 2019, and with the exception of the year before the end of the year, the share of the fund is 70.4% for the first quarter. Quand 1.347 billion tickets were sold for 39 days.

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Pourtant, Phil Clapp y croit dur comme fer. «Cine industry in the field of reproduction in the field of reproduction, with a view to revising the results of the record in 2019», at-il promis, à Barcelone. I did not pay much attention to Donner aucune indication sur le calendrier.

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